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Koru and Bridge

Thoughts and tools for the Journey

Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro, nōna te ngahere.

Ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga, nōna te ao.


The bird that partakes of the miro berry reigns in the forest.

The bird that partakes of the power of knowledge has access to the world.


~ Whakatuaki (Māori proverb)

The heart of the Koru Bridge logo is an egg shape, with resonances to life and beginnings.


The sun is the universe and the physical plane that holds us here.


The colours of the seven chakras are placed on a symbol of infinity. The white flares symbolise the energy flow of the chakras and the eternal connection of all things.


The flower is nature and life blooming continually.


The chakras are part of but also beyond the physical realm - hence the dynamic of all the elements in their dance of life.

Haere mai/ Welcome to Koru Bridge

Who am I, you may ask.


Perhaps the answer to that question, the beginning of a journey for you may begin here.


Our core philosophy is that we are not human beings having occasional spiritual experiences,

but spiritual beings having the privilege of a human experience.


This website used to have a collection of images, writings and resources to help on the journey of life. It is no longer in the public domain.


Like white light through a prism creating a rainbow, the material was colour-coded to the chakra colours. White and black symbolise duality, the basis of this world.


  • White - the crown chakra - Sacred and Mystical - many paths to the Oneness


  • Purple - the third eye -  Meditation and Labyrinths and other tools for living a spiritual life


  • Blue - the throat chakra - speaking out In Service to the Light. Links to Te Kete Marama, The Pilgrimage Project and Labyrinths New Zealand.


  • Green - the heart chakra - Centre of the Compass - Wisdom from the Heart Centre


  • Yellow -  the solar plexus - Archetypes and Alchemy, a collection of esoteric topics


  • Orange - the sacral chakra - Body, Mind, Soul - on life and death


  • Red - the base chakra - Healing and the Physical Body


  • Black - The Dark Night of the Soul


The Koru Bridge Bookshelves contained books, music and videos that we love and recommend to friends on all these topics.

Whitebait net- Okuru057 Koru Bridge central logo

The Koru


There is a learning to be had from the koru, the native New Zealand fern. When it is young, its fronds are tightly-curled into a spiral shape or koru.




In Io Matua Kore, the ancient Māori spiritual teachings, the koru has a wonderful story to share. The shape of the frond and its unfurling is a metaphor for the soul’s journey and indeed for our human journey.


In our infancy we begin at the centre and move outwards along the spiral, gathering knowledge and experience as we go. No experience is wasted, since each one adds to the sum total of who we are at that point on the spiral of our journey.


The koru thus tells us that our journeys are not linear timelines, not straight lines with our birth at one end and our crossing at the other. Rather we walk a spiral, expanding ever outwards as we grow. Notice, too, how the spiral eventually leads us back to the Earth, our Mother.


If we draw an imaginary line across the koru of our lives and label it, for example, relationships, and then reflect upon that aspect of our life journey, we will see that we meet the same challenges again and again. Each time, however, the experience is different, because we have the benefit of prior learning to help us.



The Bridge or Aniwaniwa


What could be more beautiful or fascinating than a rainbow, or aniwaniwa?


We all know that it isn’t really there, that we cannot touch it. As we approach it, the rainbow moves away or disappears. Yet we can see it from certain angles or positions. Our eyes tell us it is real. In a way the rainbow is a metaphor for our soul, shining, real, but impossible to touch, to hold in our hands.


White light is split into its components, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and for the time that the rainbow's gentle curve is visible to us, we see the whole as the sum of its parts. It appears to join sky and land, just as we do. Its feet are on the Earth; its head is in the sky.


It is a bridge, a reminder in a visual metaphor that body and mind are intertwined,  that land and sky are interlinked and interdependent, but that the soul, while impossible to quantify or touch, will endure.


And that the pot of gold lies in our hearts.

New Zealand ferns

A meditation on the koru  


Find a picture of a koru.


Allow yourself to sit in silence, let your breathing settle, and then allow your eyes to travel from the centre outwards.


After a time, when your mind is still and as you engage with the koru, gently draw the journey of your own life into consideration.


Notice how certain events have happened again and again, how your history has repeated itself as your soul drew you to greater understanding and self-awareness.


If the memories are painful, accept them, bless them and allow them to go on their way.