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Soul Mate

Tony Bridge and Heather McLeod

Tony writes: Heather and I literally bumped into each other.

In 2010 I made an odyssey from New Zealand to Lemoenshoek, in the Little Karoo area of South Africa, drawn by a voice which told me to go there and walk a labyrinth. I knew little or nothing about labyrinths, only that I had to go.
My matua, (my Māori spiritual teacher) agreed that I should.

Heather was living and working from the small village of Barrydale, a few kilometres down the road. She too sensed she was called; she left her work, and drove out to the centre where I was staying.

She was driving to the airport in Cape Town the next morning so we travelled together for the first time this lifetime. We talked, our friendship deepened, and a year later we were married in the middle of the labyrinth where we had met.

Then Heather and I returned to New Zealand, to our first home in Hanmer Springs and our shared soul journey. It's not always easy ... but it is a sacred contract chosen for this lifetime.

Both of us are drawn by a sense of a shared journey and a calling to offer the gifts we have been given for the Greater Good and in service to the Light.

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