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Philosophy of Healing

Dr Edward Bach

"Everyone of us is a healer "
~ Dr Edward Bach, 1932

"Wonderful as it may seem, relieve your patient of the mood or moods such as are given in this system of healing, and your patient is better"
~ Dr Edward Bach, 1936

"All we have to do is to find what is wrong with our nature and to take the herb which corresponds to this"
~ Dr Edward Bach, 1933

Original Texts

Free download of "Heal Thyself" from the Bach Centre.
"Written in 1930, Dr Bach's book on the spiritual underpinnings of health and illness is a seminal text."

Free download of "The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies", in various versions, from the Bach Centre.
"The culmination of Dr Bach's work was a simple book presenting all 38 remedies."

Writings about Dr Edward Bach

" The Healing Bouquet" by Vinton McCabe

In "The Healing Bouquet", Vinton McCabe restores Edward Bach to his rightful position as a practitioner of homeopathic philosophy and writes about the remedies and their uses from the context of homeopathic medicine. This comprehensive book offers its readers an in-depth understanding of the nature of Bach's remedies and their myriad uses. More important, he gives a colorful character portrait for each of the remedies: portraits created with insight, humor, and an understanding of human emotions and behaviors that will allow you to identify yourself, your family, friends, and co-workers within its pages."

English and North American essences

"The Flower Essence Repertory is three books in one: 1) a comprehensive overview of flower essence theory and practice; 2) a listing of essences and their qualities arranged by a wide range of categories; and 3) profiles of the 142 English and North American flower essences."

Bach Flower Remedies

"Edward Bach (24 September 1886 – 27 November 1936) was a British physician, homeopath, bacteriologist and spiritual writer, best known for developing a range of remedies called the Bach flower remedies."

"Starting in 1919, he worked at the London Homeopathic Hospital, where he was influenced by the work of Samuel Hahnemann. In this period, he developed seven bacterial nosodes known as the seven Bach nosodes. ..."

"In 1930, at the age of 43, he decided to search for a new healing technique. He spent the spring and summer discovering and preparing new flower remedies - which include no part of the plant but simply what Bach claimed to be the pattern of energy of the flower. In the winter he treated patients free of charge."

"Rather than being based on medical research, using the scientific method, Bach's flower remedies were intuitively derived and based on his perceived psychic connections to the plants. If he felt a negative emotion, he would hold his hand over different plants, and if one alleviated the emotion, he would ascribe the power to heal that emotional problem to that plant. He believed that early morning sunlight passing through dew-drops on flower petals transferred the healing power of the flower onto the water, so he would collect the dew drops from the plants and preserve the dew with an equal amount of brandy to produce a mother tincture which would be further diluted before use. Later, he found that the amount of dew he could collect was not sufficient, so he would suspend flowers in spring water and allow the sun's rays to pass through them.

~ Wikipedia on Dr Edward Bach

Biography of Dr Edward Bach from the The Bach Centre at Mount Vernon, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell in England.

Bach Flower Remedies: The Journey to Simple Healing

Youtube video series: "In use since the 1930s, Bach Flower Remedies are known throughout the world as a safe and effective form of complementary medicine. This documentary looks at the discovery of the Flower Remedies by Dr Edward Bach, and explains the tradition of making the Mother Tinctures."

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr Bach is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. They are shown in groups in the table below. Details of each remedy are found on-line from the Bach Centre or download the publication "The The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies".

Bach Flower Remedies Table

Information on how to select the approriate remedy or remedies and how to take the remedies is provided by the Bach Centre.

Rescue Remedy - the crises remedy

For many people, Rescue Remedy is their first introduction to the effectiveness of the Bach Flower Remedies. Rescue Remedy is a combination of five of the flower remedies, as shown belo

Rescue Remedy Table

The Bach Flower Remedies are well-suited to use with animals for a range of emotional and behavioural issues.

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