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On Mentoring ...

For those willing to explore the possibilities within themselves I offer a mentoring programme, a chance to be a guide and friend on the next part of your soul's journey. With or without your camera.

Each one of us is unique. There has never been anyone quite like us nor will there ever be, thus each programme evolves according to the needs of the participant. Each one is unique and different.

Long before we can walk the road together, we need to decide whether we want to be companions. Much talk and sharing is required. That requires both of us to be in a synchronous space.

Once we agree to continue, then I will stay with you as long as is needed. Years, if necessary.

Please contact me personally.

Mobile: +64 21 227 3985

Experiences ...

Jenny's experiences on a phtographic mentoring programme, as shared with others

Self-portait through photography

On Mentoring ...

The greatest journey is the journey within

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.

~ Khalil Gibran

Mentoring with Tony Bridge

Photography, like life, is a journey. Like all journeys it begins one day, and we set off, confident and enthused, certain of our destination. Because we know our destination, we are sure we know all the steps necessary to reach it. We are, after all, a species addicted to achievement. We stride confidently out, believing ourselves to be in full control, with a map of the journey ahead. Consciously or unconsciously we plan our route, driven by any one of a number of desires; achievement, reward, the bolstering of our self-esteem, approval of our peers or mana. The Road ahead appears smooth.

In fact it is full of carefully (and Intentionally) concealed potholes.

Some will be unfortunate, will fall into these holes and not realise it has happened. Others will fall in and, after a time, will emerge, hopefully the wiser for the experience. The fortunate and canny few will spot these in plenty of time and avoid them. Self-knowledge is the best radar of all.

If we are lucky, if we are truly lucky, we will reach a place where we are bored and frustrated by what we are doing. Whether it be photography or life.

The poutama, the staircase pattern found on the intricate tukutuku panels on a Māori meeting house, alludes to the fact that progression in life is a series of small cliffs followed by short plateaus. It is only when we bump into a barrier that we are challenged and forced to grow. The sense of boredom and frustration, this realisation that we are going nowhere may seem to be because we have reached the limits of our potential, that we are going to go no further because we lack the ability.

In fact we have reached the limits of our own self, and are being offered the chance to grow.

Journey in to the Centre1a-edit

Every photograph we have ever made, are making, or will ever make is a sometimes horrifyingly accurate reflection of where we are both in our outer and inner lives, then realising we are doing the same-old, same-old is a sure sign that we have found the outer walls, the cage of self. To progress on, to tear down those walls and move them further out (and the cage of self is a series of concentric rings) requires us to approach and fully embrace the great truth, the source of our own creativity.

It is us.

Each of us, every single one of us, is a unique and special being/Being. For all our flaws and weaknesses, we have strengths and beliefs which are the core of who we are. To see ourselves as the truly radiant beings we are requires us to sometimes pass by our tormentors, the demons who offer to help us grow. Every one of us has his or her own taniwha. Sometimes that requires a very special place, the opportunity to step out of the mainstream, to find a quiet side-pool where we can sit, reflect and contemplate. And a friend to talk to.

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