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The Pilgrimage Project Books

The Pilgrimage Project is the personal account of a journey to discover and explore the many faces of God.

This series is based upon a premise: there is only one God, but the Creator is a jewel of unlimited facets, infinitely loving and generous, who shares and expresses himself in countless ways, like the moon reflected in the silent pool of the soul. To find him, we must first ask and then be willing to seek. There are many paths up the mountain, and they all lead to the summit.

As the great Austrian poet, Rainer Maria Rilke puts it: the greatest journey is the one within.

Ch:1. In the Beginning. In this chapter, the author reflects upon the journey to date, and prepares for the pilgrimage ahead.

Ch:2. Of Travellers and Villagers. In this chapter, the author reflects upon the nature of journey, the fact that some people are travellers while others are villagers, and draws a parallel with the Hermit card in the tarot deck.

Ch:3. On Life and Interconnection. In this chapter, the author ponders the interconnectedness of everything, and the aptness of the Vedic metaphor of Indra’s Net.

About the author

Tony Bridge is a writer, artist, photographer and teacher based in New Zealand. His life is driven by a soul mission to explore the many faces of the One God and express the teachings given him by teachers from Christian, Maori, Hindu, Islamic and other traditions.

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